Sunday, 24 July 2011

Rest Day in Seattle and Riding to Elma!

Rest Day: Seattle, WA
We took the ferry from Bremerton, WA to Seattle, WA during our rest day on Friday.  We were crossing our fingers hoping the clouds would break so we could see Rainer behind the city.
Unfortunately, the clouds were socked in during the ride into the city.  But, that didn't detract from the gorgeous views of the city!
Jerry and the Space Needle
We had a great day in Seattle doing a little sight seeing.  We went over to the Flagship REI store.  (That place this is HUGE!  It has a mountain biking trail around the building to test bicycles, in DOWNTOWN SEATTLE!!).  We also visited Pikes Place fish market and saw some fish being tossed around.  Jerry wanted to get a new pedal/shoe setup, so while he and Ronnie went to go shopping for one, Amy and I went to the Seattle Art Museum.  They have a huge really cool museum, with a variety of exhibits.
Jerry was successful getting a new pedal/shoe setup, so after the museum we grabbed some burritos and caught the 7:50pm ferry back to Bremerton.  Fortunately, the clouds had broken...

Amy, Ronnie and Jerry with Mt. Rainer in the Background

Unfortunately, when we got back to our campsite, it was a total shit show... Poor communication by the staff at Kitsap Memorial State Park had put our campsite in a site that was apparently reserved.  Apparently, some of the staff moved all our stuff that was around the site to another campsite.  They also dragged Amy and my tent to that site.  Jerry and Ronnie's tent had a lot more stuff in it making it super heavy, but that didn't stop them from trying to move it.  In the process the ripped the bottom of the tent (seen below).  We were up till about midnight talking with the park ranger about this disaster.  It was SUPER frustrating!  
The bottom of Ronnie and Jerry's Tent

Day 4: Kitsap Memorial State Park, WA to Elma, WA (Miles: 80 Calories: 2358)
View from Kitsap Memorial State Park, WA
"We are currently in Elma, WA just finishing up a nice continental breakfast at Microtel.
Yesterday we biked 80 miles!  This was not the original plan... but when we arrived to Shelton after biking 60 miles there was literally no place to camp and all the hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts were full!  I seriously contemplated calling a cat boarding kennel called "Just for Cats" to see if there was a chance we could stay there!  The closest option was another 20 miles away so Lucas, Jerry, and I got back on our bikes and rode.
When we arrived Ronnie had already brought up all our stuff and had chips, salsa, and guacamole ready and waiting- delicious!"

"Amy neglected to mention, it was her birthday yesterday.  The big 25!  We had an awesome chicken fajita dinner with chips, salsa and guacamole as an appetizer.  And let me tell you, after that extra 20 miles, it was SO good!
Amy's Birthday!!

Today we're hoping to make it to Toledo, WA.

Alright, time to ride!"
Talk soon!

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