Thursday, 28 July 2011

Getting into the groove.... almost.

Day 5: Elma, WA to near Toledo, WA (Miles: 55 Calories: 1405 )
Video Blog (Day 5)!
I was wearing the cranky pants, and man it was rough!  The best part of that day was when we went down a hill that had a 16% grade (downhill!!!!) and I went 41mph!
The entire route was inland and we passed lots of farms.  At one point we rode through a tunnel of cows that mooed at us as we passed, it was a little scary.
By the end of that day we were hot and exhausted!  We took cold showers and gorged on chips and salsa and mac and cheese.
The wild Lucas protecting his chips and salsa

Day 6: Near Toledo, WA to Cathlamet, WA (Miles: 56 Calories: 1506 )
 Still riding inland today.  Our bikes are shifting flawlessly thanks to this amazing chain cleaning device Ronnie and Jerry gave me for my birthday!  We stopped at Castle Rock Bakery for lunch and had delicious sandwiches before conquering some hills the second half of the day.  We camped at a Marina right on the water, a nice change from the wooded state parks.

Day 7: Cathlamet, WA to Nehalem, OR (Miles: 71 Calories: 2069 )
We made it to Oregon!!!  One state down, two to go!
Hills, hills, hills!  We biked several large hills today, but the gorgeous views of the coastline made it worth it!
We've run into several people doing various bike tours and it's been fun to swap stories.
We camped at Nehalen State Park near the beach.

Day 8: Nehalem, OR to Lincoln City, OR (Miles: 73 Calories: 2036 )
Last night a raccoon got into Lucas' pannier.  He managed to pull out Lucas' shirt and was about to go for the food when Lucas threw his headlamp at him and scared the little guy away.
I also heard some noises later and when I went to go to the bathroom I saw a mountain lion!  Okay, maybe it was a coyote....or a deer...but there was definitely an animal out there!

That afternoon we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory for lunch. We got some delicious cheese samples and....ICE CREAM!!!!

Appetizer ice cream

Rest Day 2:  Lincoln City, OR
After five days on, Amy and I were feeling pretty worked... I think Jerry could have kept going!!  So, we're just relaxing a little.

Until next time, KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE!


  1. Glad to see you got your ice cream Amy! Hope you all had a restful day! Next rest day look for a spa to get some needed massages, you guys deserve it!

  2. Crushers! You guys are amazing! And despite the struggles and lack of ice cream, (come on Lucas, Ice Cream is a key ingredient to happiness!)it makes me want to be there with you guys. Oooo i even capitalized ice cream, that's how important it is! Keep posting it's great to hear from you guys!

  3. You all are making such great progress!! Amy we think you should locate all the ice cream and chocolate shops along the route and plan your off days accordingly.