Sunday, 31 July 2011

California Dreaming...

Day 9: Lincoln City, OR to Florence, OR (miles: 78 calories: 2262)

The winds is super strong!!  Luckily, it's on our backs!!
We had a nice wind on our backs for most of the day today.  We followed the coast for most of the ride and had gorgeous ocean views throughout the day. We camped at South Jetty RV Resort in Florence, OR and they had a hot tub! It was an excellent way to end the day!

Oregon is SO liberal!  They even have designated areas for cars to love robots!

Day 10: Florence, OR to Bandon, OR (miles: 71 calories: 2073)

Video Blog (Day 10).  Had lunch by the Oregon Dunes today. It felt like we were in another country!  

 Sand everywhere (and in everything!).
Ronnie and Jerry entering the dunes!


Today we're riding from Bandon, OR to Gold Beach, OR.  Tomorrow we'll be in California!!  Even though we'll have ridden through two states (OR and WA), we still haven't reached the half-way point!!

Talk soon!


  1. Love seeing you all - and yes it does help when Matt posts this to FB for me!!! Have a great time being together - take care of each other - and give each other lots of hugs from us!!!

  2. Awesome photos! Like the UMaine Black Bear Plate! Was not sure if you had your own vehicle.....well hot tub was maybe a mini spa :) Keep the photos coming. Your followers are living vicariously!