Thursday, 21 July 2011

First is worst, second is the best, third is the one....

Hey all,
We're in the middle of day three and stopped by a cafe in Port Townsend, WA to post an update of our progress.
Day 1! - Vancouver, BC to Birch Bay, WA (Miles: 56  Calories: 1261)
What it originally looked like!

And so it begins!  This is at a beach in Stanley Park in Vancouver BC.  We poured sea water onto each of our bikes as a symbol of the beginning.  We'll do the same when we get to San Diego!

Jerry and Lucas in front of the Olympic Cauldron in downtown Vancouver.

The illusive out-of-focus Orca Whale.

Day 2 - Birch Bay, WA to Deception Pass, WA (Miles: 62 Calories: 1450)
Video Blog (Day 2)!

Day3 - Deception Pass, WA to Kitsap Memorial State Park, WA (Miles: 56 Calories: 1466 )
"Man when I woke up, I was super sore, I didn't sleep well, and it was down-pouring out side of the tent.  I wasn't psyched.... But, after easing into it, with big cup of tea and oatmeal we were on the road.  I was definitely not as sore as I thought once I warmed up!  We biked along the coast of Whidbey Island.  It looked surprisingly like Mount Desert Island in Maine.  The only big difference was the fighter planes flying above!  Deception Pass State Park was right next to a Naval Air Base.  Fighter jets were constantly flying in the air doing all kinds of maneuvers, including flying two by two.

"Showers are a big whoop! Fifty cents got you three minutes. Jerry thought he could speed through and left with lots of soap remaining on his body. Odd, but there are very few Maine plates here. Common comment, "Why would you do this?" "

"I think this morning we all were wondering why we were doing this!  Once we warmed up and started biking again it became clear.  You get to see so much while biking!  Going along the coast is gorgeous!  Even though it is a gray day it is still nice to see the ocean and all the small towns.  Lucas and I even saw a bald eagle! Well, I think we are about to head out!"
Video Blog (Day 3)!

Alright, we're headed back on the road!  We'll be stopping in Seattle for a rest day tomorrow, we'll update you on more from there!
Take care!

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  1. Looks like you all are off to a great start! Love the video blog. Amy I hope you have had that ice cream by now! Step it up Luke! Jerry you look awesome--you too Ronnie. Bike on.....