Sunday, 14 August 2011

Big Sur!

San Francisco, CA to Half Moon Bay, CA (miles: 33 calories: 664)

After a great rest day in San Francisco we took our time heading out of the city biking by the famous Lombard Street and through the Golden Gate Park. 

Once we reached the ocean we were hit with a strong headwind which made for a really slow and tough day of biking.  It was really brutal to bike and bike and only make it 15 miles.  We finally stopped biking in Half Moon Bay having only gone 33 miles (probably our shortest day)!  We set up camp at Half Moon Bay State Park, relaxed a little, and went to bed early.

Lucas and Jerry at the top of the tower in the de Young Museum

Half Moon Bay, CA to Sunset State Beach Campground (miles: 68 calories: 1780)

The wind was much better today.  We still had some wind in our face but not as strong and not as frequently as yesterday.  As we were biking we saw a sign for chocolate dipped strawberries!  YESSS!!!  We stopped at Swansons Berry Farm.  They had everything from pie to jam!  Lucas and I devoured an olallieberry pie (I saved my chocolate dipped strawberry for after lunch) and Jerry had strawberry shortcake.

We continued biking, stopping at the Patagonia outlet in Santa Cruz to check out their sale on baselayers.  Lucas picked up a pair of pants and I got a hoodie for the cool nights.

Delicious Berry Farm we stopped at for snacks

Sunset State Beach Campground to Big Sur, CA (miles: 67 calories: 1777)

We got an early start today. We biked by lots of fields of strawberries, artichokes, and brussel sprouts in the morning.  

We spent the afternoon at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  We saw lots of animals including a giant sunfish!  An average adult sunfish weighs around 2,000 pounds!  We also saw an albatross named Makana being fed squid.  

After another 30 miles of biking we arrived slightly haggered to Julia Pfeiffer Burns Campground and Ronnie had already set up our campsite, tents and all! (This is not the first time Ronnie has done this).  It is awesome to ride into an already set up campsite!

A giant sunfish

An albatross 

Sign on Cannery Road where the aquarium was located

Big Sur, CA to San Simeon, CA (miles: 69 calories: 2079)


That pretty much describes the day.  There was lots of fog and lots of hills.  I was disappointed not to see some of the many beautiful vistas that we biked by.

After 50 miles of hills we finally hit flat-ish land, phew!  We stopped at beach where Elephant Seals were hanging out on the beach.  They were all piled on top of each other, motionless.  Occasionally they would move in an worm-like manner to a better spot.  Every now and then they would scoop sand and throw it on top of themselves.  It was fascinating to watch.

 Foggy view

Elephant seals!


  1. Wonderful photos. You guys are doing great. WOW!

  2. Seriously....unbelievable! Man, you all must have butts of steel by now!